Blue skies ahead

It's nice to see the bright, blue sky!

We haven't left the house today

It's still snowing. We haven't left the house today.

A group of children came over today and played with 'A' and 'H' while 3 of us moms from our MOMS Club put together some paperwork for our annual community project. This year we are raising money for a local playground renovation project - the playground at Kelley Park - and we are going to show up at the site in May to help build. Fun!

Tuesday. It's snowing again.

Today we went to story time at the bookstore, ran a bunch of errands (my new favorite phrase is "power-erranding," because I love that it implies that I do errands efficiently and effectively, which I do not!). Then the girls gobbled down some lunch in the library parking lot and we ended our outing with a quick trip to the library's $1 used book sale. I bought 16 books. The energy level in the sale room was pretty high. It's hard to know which books are worth buying when there are hands flying everywhere, digging into boxes, flipping through pages, tossing books back in and taking out new ones. And of course each shopper has at least one, and sometimes several small children wrapped around her legs.

Yes, it's snowing here again. The girls are sleeping and I am doing a little work on a website. Pre-made crabcakes are on sale at the grocery store, so Jeff and I are having crabcake and salad dinner tonight.

And since it's cold and snowy today, it might be just the right afternoon to curl up with a cup of tea.

back from the Cape

The girls and I are back from a long weekend at the Cape. Jeff stayed home and painted 'H's' room while we were gone. We've lived in this house for 2 years and we're just starting to paint the interior. It's about time we get it done! All of the walls are a dingy shade of off-white, and some color is just what we need in our lives.

Her room is now two different shades of vibrant pink. Jeff did a great job on it - primer on the walls, 2 coats of ceiling paint, and 2 coats of wall color. When we get some things up on the walls I'll post some photos.

While we were away we had the chance to meet my cousin's daughter. She is 14 months old and just delicious!

Today we are getting over some colds, doing laundry, and sorting through paperwork. And *some of us* are whining a lot in the process. Sigh. My babies act like such babies sometimes!

kids playing in the snow, and other fun activities

welcome to paradise

This is the view from my mother's home on Cape Cod. It's really quite lovely here, even in the off-season. If you were to follow my heart to it's home, this is where you would end up.

playing at home today

We played a lot today. This morning we went to a playgroup and this afternoon the girls played in 'A's' room. It's so great that they are starting to play together.

Last night, long after we had tucked her into bed, 'A' got up and arranged this pile of diapers in rows and columns. What a delicious treat for my database-oriented brain! Jeff and I tried not to make a fuss over it in front of her (we didn't want to reward her 10 pm playtime behavior... goodness, what first-timers we still are...), but we were dying to photograph it and make it a permanent memory. How cute!

getting food across the country

Not all of our food comes to us via truck. Some of it crosses the country on rail cars. It's better for the environment that way.

getting back to nature...

These colored pencils give the phrase "getting back to nature" a new meaning. They actually are sticks with a pencil inside. Needless to say, they are unique and very beautiful. The girls' grandparents got them on a recent trip to South America. I can't remember which country they are from - grandma, grandpa, do you know?

'A' uses them quite a bit in conjunction with crayons. She is great at abstract art.

Rainy here lately - seems that the spring thaw might have begun.

sledding on Bath Street

Our town celebrates the season every year with Winterfest. The highlight of the whole weekend (according to us) is sledding down Bath Street. The town closes off the whole street, which is on a hill, and piles it high with snow. Everyone brings their sleds and enjoys several bumpy runs down the street. Jeff and 'A' went together this year and they both had a great time. I got to hold 'H' in the sling the whole time - we kept each other warm.

learning to fill those shoes

Fun with quiet time blankets...

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Jeff had the day off today (not because it's Valentine's day, but because he spent all of last night on a plane). We went for a short (and very cold!) walk in the State Park.

ready for anything

Got my purse, got my knitting bag... as long as I've got those two with me, I'm ready for anything! Today they sit ready for action, but we're not going anywhere until this ice storm passes.
Scott, who lives a few houses down the street, cleared our driveway today and he did such a great job. You are the best, Scott!

Gossipers are inhabiting our space:

chilly here


We (me and my two daughters) hung out today. By that, I mean that we were up early, did the dishes, several loads of laundry, planned menus for a week, picked through coupons, went grocery shopping, and then ate an early lunch. Then we hung out some more. All afternoon. It was fabulous.

Here is the "scarflette" that I knitted over the weekend. It's called a neck warmer. I modeled it on these neck-warmers: this, and this, but of course, mine doesn't come close. It's not that I can't do it, it's that I don't want to follow anyone else's pattern. I like to do my own stuff :)

You can wear it with the buttons showing or without:

I wanted a scarf that would look like a scarf but wouldn't dangle and fall down when I bent over to: a) unbuckle a car seat; b) wipe someone's nose; or c) put shoes on a young child's feet. Any of you ever feel that your scarf gets in your way when you do those things?

I am lukewarm about this scarf. It looks OK but I can *feel* the flaws. You know what I mean? I can just hear Julia, the woman who taught me how to knit 10 years ago, sighing over this project for several reasons. The big reason is that I didn't use wool, and that is a mistake that I recognized within minutes of putting it on. It's all stretched out. I used the $1 skein that I found at Ocean State Job Lot. It's forgiving because you can't see any mistake or slack in your tension, but hard to knit with and it doesn't bounce back like good 'ole wool.

I used some of the fabulous buttons that Uncle Alan sent last fall and I have to say, they might be the prettiest part of the neck-warmer!

I cast on about 15 stitches and knit a bit, then decreased to about 10 (too much decrease), then increased after about 6 inches to 13 stitches or so. I made it all up. I just knitted, straight knitting, nothing fancy.

Finally, if you're looking for an entertaining blog and you happen to like music, bands, human relationships, or advertising, check this site out.

waking up

'H' has been in her crib for almost a month now. We've all come to like it. She's comfortable there and sleeps well. I've overcome my loneliness without her in our bed and I'm sleeping better, too. Grace, our cat, has reclaimed her special sleeping spot. She is back to nestling in my shoulder all night.

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