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I bought this dress for 'A' at a consignment sale. I paid $8 for it, which I think is a lot for a consignment sale item, but I thought it was really cute. She is just starting to get into dresses and we do have quite a few that come from Nanette and Callie (older girls with nice wardrobes), but I thought she might like a pretty one of her own.

My father is in Florida for his annual 3-week vacation in Palm Beach. He left me a voicemail today telling me that, after 28 years in the School of Agriculture at the University of Connecticut, he retired last Friday and he thought I should know.    !!!    I don't take the late announcement personally - he didn't tell anyone except Marilyn and the people he worked with until now. He thought I might have suspected because we recently made plans for the summer and he had an unusually high number of days available. I even commented that he is getting a lot of vacation this year, but I chalked it up to the fact that he has (or did have) a cushy state job. I never suspected that he was making a major life change. For the sake of fairness, I might add that I used to have a cushy state job - at UConn Law School - and oh boy, was it cushy. I got something like 4 weeks of vacation, 18 holidays, 6 personal days, 23 sick days, full medical, dental and vision insurance... and the list goes on. Like, between time off and free trips to the doctor, when did I have time to work? I fully intend to get another state job as my children near college-age. Do you know what you pay for tuition at a state college if your parent works there? $0.

Anyway, congratulations to my dad and everyone out there who is brave enough to make a life change and look forward to the surprises that lay ahead.


Chelsea Says:

Interesting post..! Well, too got a same summer dress for my sweet daughter from Disney Shopping.

Alice Says:

I have always wanted to make cute little spring and summer dresses for my girls.

Cheap Black Dresses Says:

This summer, as beautiful as a flower. Let your baby beautiful.

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