thank goodness my girls aren't older

Thank goodness my girls aren't older, or I might be called upon to explain what's going on in the world and offer reassurance that we'll all get through it okay.

Too bad I'm too old to expect it to come from my own parents.

We're living in historic times. Make no mistake, my grandchildren will hear about us in their history class.


It feels like Monday because Jeff went back to work today after taking yesterday off.


In all of the collective turmoil we are going through, it feels good to have some hope about something that matters to me. Breastfeeding in the US has been on the rise. Surely now that photos of Angelina Jolie nursing her baby have hit the newsstands, it will become even more popular. Thank you, Angelina.


Jeff is back.

We spent all day playing.

Something happened while Jeff was gone. I reverted to my natural eating habits and I relearned something about myself. I don't like to eat meat, poultry or fish if I can have a meal consisting of grains, beans and vegetables instead. I've eaten very little meat over the past 4 weeks and I would be happy to not eat any going forward.

We talked about having chicken fajitas tomorrow for dinner, but maybe I can make it with seitan or something instead.

The girls are delicious. 'H' is a kid now, not a baby anymore. She walks and talks and likes to play big kid games. 'A' is speaking better than ever and is losing a lot of her shyness.

The foliage is fantastic this year. The yellows, reds and oranges are vibrant and alive. It's crazy that the leaves are so beautiful for just a short time.

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