After I eat this candy, I'm going to want to make a cake.

Funny how some of us (me) don't get insight about ourselves until we find ourselves in a stressful situation and our destructive behavior is too strong to ignore. Today, I am seeing my food-stress connections more clearly. Jeff dropped off his car for scheduled service this morning. It's not an old car - 7 years old - and we planned on having it for another few years. It would be NICE to not have a car payment all the time.

While we were at the NY State Museum in Albany this morning, he got the call from the garage. The engine is about to die, and it will cost $4K to rebuild it. What to do? Fix it or get a new car?

So, while he's out looking at new cars this afternoon, taking constructive action and working on fixing his problem, I'm sitting here eating some newfound Halloween candy ('A' found it in the bread basket, how timely!) and thinking about all of the other sugary treats I would love to make right now.

I probably won't make the cake, or the cookies. And I did stop eating the candy. I've been so good these past few months at being mindful of what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat. I haven't lost a ton of weight, but I am losing some slowly, and it feels like I'm doing the right thing.

All of this new insight is making me think back on the past year, or two, when I made cookies galore. I wonder: What was I making them for? What was I trying to cover up, or trying to heal all that time?

This information about me will help serve as a barometer in the future. If I find myself wanting to bake or eat a thousand cookies for "no apparent reason," I know that I have to dig a little deeper and ask myself what is really going on.

Anyway, we took a family trip to the State Museum. I like it there. There are so many different things to see. It's the perfect destination for Mr. Scientist and Mrs. Art & History to bring their children (that would be me and Jeff). I've been wanting to go during the week but our weekdays are so heavily scheduled and I can't find a nice block of morning time to go. I hate that it's so scheduled. I'm not making this mistake again. Once the music class and gymnastics is over, I think I might do more field trips for just our little family and less of the group activities with other toddlers.

Back to the museum. 'H' has been very interested in the art that hangs on the walls at the nursing home, so I thought it would be neat for her to see some of the paintings at the Rockwell Kent exhibit. She likes to point to different things in the paintings and ask what they are. I like his early stuff, he uses light very well. I don't think a lot of people understand how important light is in a painting. It takes on a lot of different hues and tones and if you look at a painting and only concentrate on the lighting, it can change the way you see the work.

The girls liked the carrousel the best (they call it a carousel at the museum, which is actually the British spelling of the word). Of course that was their favorite!

Have a great day.


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