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We finally received the scarf that Grandma Shelly made for 'H'! It looks like it got "lost" in the mail for a few days. The mail in our neighborhood used to get mixed up a lot, and then I started giving our mailman presents, kind of as insurance against the mix ups. We haven't had any known issues since I started the gifting over a year ago. Until now.

Anyway, it's here and it is so adorable! She loves it. 'A' got hers out for the photo shoot too.

Today we have snow and freezing rain, and it's still coming down. Jeff is working from home and I didn't bother to take the girls to their first music class with Miss Barbara at the Community Center. It wasn't worth it to go out in this weather. So instead, we stayed home in our pajamas and painted at the easel!

The paints were finger paints but since I have the children with the neatness complex, both immediately asked for a brush. 'A' uses finger paints at preschool so she is much more accustomed to using her hands for painting. I had always pegged 'H' as the tactile, hands-on kind of kid, but maybe she's not. She did get into it eventually and by the end of the painting session they were both covered.

My exterminator friend came by and found two flying squirrels and again, no mice. No mice? Where are they? The squirrels die as soon as they are caught because apparently their hearts are weak and their systems go into overload when the adrenaline hits. Not that you asked or anything.

Emily mailed me The Ten Year Nap, a novel by Meg Wolitzer. It's actually Cathy's copy and I am looking forward to reading it. It's about navigating the motherhood waters. I also picked up I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile at the library yesterday, also about navigating the waters.

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