I'm waiting for Jeff. We have a date tonight to sit down and get the ball rolling on our taxes.

We had a funny moment last night - well, I thought it was funny. I spent the entire day with my sisters, and I arrived home just in time for dinner. That's the same time Jeff usually gets home from work. He spent all day with our children. It was as if our schedules were reversed for the day. After dinner, bathtime rolled around and he suggested I give them a bath, which I did. Now, on a typical night, we divide up the duties: one of us gives a bath and the other will clean up the kitchen. When I came downstairs after putting 'H' to bed, I saw that the kitchen hadn't been cleaned up all the way. I asked Jeff when he was going to do it, and he gave me a look that said, "I just spent all day taking care of our kids - I fed them breakfast, got them dressed, organized activities for us, prepared lunch, put 'H' to bed for naptime, played with 'A' in the afternoon, went to the grocery store, got dinner ready... and now you're asking me to clean the kitchen too???" and I looked at him as if to say, "Yes, I expect you to keep your end of the bargain because you are living a typical day in my life, and I always get the job done!" And then I laughed so hard that I had to spit my sip of water back into my cup.

I'm reading two books that are jam-packed with neat info: Organic Crafts: 75 Earth-Friendly Art Activities by Kimberly Monaghan and Guerrilla Learning: How to Give Your Kids a Real Education With or Without School by Grace Llewellyn and Amy Silver. I got them both from the library and I think I may buy the Organic Crafts book because it has a lot of neat projects that use natural materials to make art, and many of the projects call for a field trip to the backyard to look for materials, which I love.

Guerilla Learning is full of answers (and questions) to those questions some parents ask such as "is the goal of the school curriculum 100% healthy for my child and if not, how can our family take responsibility for our education?" The authors described our public school district almost to a "T" - one that puts so much emphasis on testing and homework that things like recess and free play are pushed so far to the side that they fall off the daily schedule. I don't blame our district specifically because it's all part of a larger web of national issues and it is representative of so many school systems in this country. Teaching children how to do things - more and more things, earlier than before - is, for a lot of people, a good thing. But it makes me uncomfortable. If 'A' wants to learn how to write all of her letters and learn how to read in the next few years, then good for her. But I don't want her to have to learn because it's expected of her - I want her to learn because she wants to do it... the same way she is learning how to speak (on her own), and the way she learned how to walk (on her own), and the way she's learning how to use her imagination (on her own). When she wants to know something, she asks to learn, and that's how it should be.

Jeff is now waiting for me. Have a great night!


Jennifer Says:

That was not funny. I don't know why you laughed. And I don't know why it is "job" when they have to do our job. I came home and I was 10 min from our house and Bill called and asked what I was having for dinner (mind you he JUST went to the store for dinner for the next night, but also a nice baked potato to go with his steak for HIS dinner). I asked him what he got me and he said nothing. Needless to say, I was not happy and he felt terrible that he was so selfish, also. Imagine if he came home from work every day and I went to the store to get my sweet potato baking nicely in the oven and my fish and I asked him what he was having for dinner??

Mama Jillian Says:

You guys are so funny! He probably didn't know which lettuce leaf you wanted to munch on.

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