These photos chronicle our morning. This is what the breakfast table looks like at our house from my kitchen counter viewpoint. Usually the atmosphere is "rush rush" and usually it's my fault - I like to sleep as late as I can, and that sets us back a few minutes in the morning. The menu rarely changes - a pumpkin muffin for 'H' (I load the muffins up with whole wheat flour and flaxseed - good for her digestive health) and bread with tofutti cream cheese for 'A'. They share a piece of fruit or two and each get at least one big cup of OJ for a vitamin C boost. When Jeff is around, he makes them some porridge glop oatmeal.

It was snowing here all morning, even when it wasn't snowing in Schenectady or Saratoga Springs. We got a bunch.

On Thursdays, when breakfast is over, we pile into the car - quick, quick! - and drive 'A' to preschool.

This is the nursing home where she goes to school.

Then 'H' and I ran some errands. This is what downtown Saratoga Springs looked like this morning.

One of our stops was the grocery store. I am admitting that I have an imbalance. I need to change what I'm eating to feel better. Ever since the Christmas season started, I've been happily putting away sweets and carbs in amounts far greater than what my body needs. I haven't been hungry since the first day of Hanukkah, when I stuffed myself silly with practically all of Jeff's latkes. Ever since then, I think I feel hungry when really the sensation I'm feeling is my large, full stomach starting to empty out. "I hear grumbling! Time to fill it up again!"

It has to STOP!

Dinner tonight is Laurie G's bok choy salad, some brown rice, and some Asian chicken. Laurie's salad is always a hit at our table and makes us feel less like lethargic cows and more like the trim little mice we want to be. And, if I listen to Roberta Tabachneck, a holistic counselor, I will feel noticably better after eating my dark leafy greens, so check in tomorrow to see if that's true!

Speaking of mice, the exterminator saga, which was supposed to end today, is still on indefinitely because the "live harvest" is still yielding some live ones. Yum.

Above is my Proud Mama photo of the day. 'H' was so proud of herself for figuring out how to match up her fingers and hold her hands in a triangle pose. I remember when 'A' learned how to do that too, and she was just as proud. I pulled over and snapped her photo on the spot!

Back at preschool for pick-up. 'A' wasn't ready to stop listening to the story, so she and 'H' sat on the rug with the kids who were waiting for their parents and they listened to Miss J. tell an Eric Carle story.

Miss J. is not the regular teacher - she comes in once a week for exercise time. She used to teach regularly but retired.

We packed up and got ready to go home and have lunch and take a nap. The letter of the day was 'L' and we had brought in a lollipop, with the agreement that 'A' could eat it after class. She made sure she had her lollipop all ready to go!

Today was teddy bear day. I *think* this is a hand puppet?

Jeff should enjoy shoveling out the snow and the mailbox tonight.


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