We had snow today. Our morning music class was cancelled, and so was my gym time this afternoon. We stayed home and rolled around :)

'A' has shown a lot of interest in doing things for herself lately, as well as helping me out with "grown up" activities. I pretty much follow her lead and let her do what she wants, within reason. Last week, for some reason, I told her that we would make some time to make bread this week. Today was the perfect day to do it. We worked side by side with our own batches. I did all of the kneading. The recipe was a new one, and in the end, we felt it called for too much whole wheat flour and didn't produce the bread we wanted, but it was a good experiment. My mother always baked bread, and she believes that when you grow up in a home where you see bread being made, you're more likely to feel comfortable making it as an adult. Probably true. She had three of us to teach, and I'm not sure it "took" with my sisters. One out of three of us became a baker. If you go by those odds, I am more likely than not to raise two "non-bakers."

Remember how 'A' doesn't like to get dirty? While we were mixing the bread with our hands, she decided that she had to go and wash hers right away because she didn't want the dough to stick to them!


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