I'm a little distracted as I put these photos up because we're catching up on "Lost" episodes and if I don't pay attention to the show, I miss everything. I like and dislike the show at the same time. There's a lot of drama, and it moves along quickly, which is great... and there's a lot of drama - sometimes it's a bit over the top, and it makes me lose interest.

Today it was nice and warm - almost spring-like. It never got above 50 at our house, which is my starting point for spring fever. We played at home in the morning and 'A' and I cut a puzzle out of a Cheerios box - her idea. She got the idea from one of the magazines she gets from her grandparents - I can't remember if it's from National Geographic or Ladybug.

We also kissed 'H' a million times just because...

...and then wrapped up Valentine cookie treats to give away.

We went outside to play for what seemed an eternity today. It was so nice outside! We sat and listened to the birds talk about coming home, we rolled around in the yard a bit, and we threw snowballs at our big oak tree in the front yard. I love throwing at that tree because it's hard for me to miss it, and I've got a pretty crooked throwing arm. We even got to play animal detective when we discovered several sets of deer tracks in both the front and back yards.

The tracks weren't the only evidence of the deer. You should see what they did to our rhododendron! ALL of the leaves are gone. ALL of them. Okay, I'll say it one more time, just because I am amazed by it. ALL are gone. And a pile of deer poop was left right beside it. No worries, I'm not posting that photo. I can't even believe I'm telling you about it. My sensibilities in that department are very easily offended! I have a blanket rule about toilet humor and toilet talk around me: it's not allowed. It's an inherited trait. Okay, enough of that topic!

Our Wednesday morning music class is over! And gymnastics ends soon. I didn't sign 'A' up for another session because we need a break. I might start again in the fall. I like the program because each child does what they can, and there isn't a final performance. They just go to each class and the teacher helps them do new things like roll over, walk a balance beam, jump, or hop, and that's it. Who knows what she gets out of it. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't.

For now I am really looking forward to having a few unstructured weekday mornings with 'A' and 'H'. Tuesdays and Thursdays are preschool days and Friday mornings I have classes at the gym. That now leaves Mondays and Wednesdays for us. As the weather starts to warm up, I think about all of the things I want to do with them, like visit the pine bush and other outdoor places, or stay indoors at the state museum or the Hyde Collection, or stay home and work in the yard or in the kitchen. It is so nice to have a big block of time so we can go about our day in a leisurely way, rather than to try to rush around to show up at scheduled activities. It makes me crazy. I know, I find myself saying that phrase a lot, sorry to repeat myself so much.

I have to go now and finish making the Valentine cards for 'A's class tomorrow. She has to bring in 14 of them and Miss Katy asked that the kids try to write their own name on each one... you can guess how many I have left to finish. They have a party tomorrow too, and I tried to sign up to bring napkins, but Miss Katy saw my name there and said, "I was really hoping you would sign up for the sweet treat instead...!" As Jeff says, "this is what you get for having the allergy kid, you know." So I'll be bringing in a bunch of homemade frosted heart cookies instead of napkins. So much for simplifying.

Have a great night.


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