oh my goodness, it has a name. And other people see it too.

For our whole lives, my younger sister Emily and I have seen and thought in color. Words, letters and numbers all have a color associated with them. If you could take a photo of my thoughts, they would show up as an enormous color palette.

I thought everyone thought in color, but just never realized it or talked about it.

Emily and I don't have the same colors for the same words, letters or numbers. But we both share this trait.

On CNN's website today, an article is running about this condition - apparently, it's not something that everyone can see, and those who do see it are often genetically linked.

It's called synesthesia, and it's "a neurological condition in which people experience a mixing of their senses. People with the condition may see colors and movement in numbers, words or sounds."

My colors don't affect my daily life. If anything, they make thinking a fun thing to do sometimes. It probably does slow me down sometimes because I do stop to look at the colors rather than absorb the content of the material, but overall it's not a huge deal. It's just nice to know that one of my little personal mysteries is not such a mystery anymore.

Wait until I tell Emily!


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