On Saturday we went to Nightingale's maple farm, a local farm that produces maple syrup. They were participating in the New York Maple Weekend. We learned all about how the sap is drained from the trees and piped into the sugar shack to have the water taken out. The syrup, candies and the maple cream are just delicious! We bought all three.

When I look at the maple trees, all I can think is, "who in the world discovered the sap and how did they find out about boiling off the water?"

As it turns out, the native Americans discovered the sap and they used to remove the water by leaving the bucket of sap outside on a cold night and removing the layer of ice in the morning, and by dropping hot cooking stones into the bucket. They also boiled off the water over a fire. Pretty neat.

'H' goes to the doctor on Tuesday for her 2 year visit. I'm going to ask him to order allergy testing for her. I had thought that she wasn't allergic to anything, unlike 'A' who is allergic to dairy, eggs and some nuts. But now I'm wondering if she might have an issue with dairy or even wheat. Her GI system is irregular to say the least, and I just can't figure out why. I cut out dairy and it didn't make a difference. Now I'm wondering about wheat.

Ugh, gluten-free, on top of dairy and egg-free? I hope we don't have to go that route. It's certainly healthy, but it's also pretty restrictive.

These days the sap isn't collected in buckets, it runs through these tubes that tap the trees. All of the tubes connect and they run downhill, using gravity to move the sap along. The tubes converge at a place called the "vacuum booster" and then the sap all runs into the sugar shack where the water is extracted and boiled off.


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