She's two years old now!

This is what the deer did to our arborvitae in the backyard:

I had my Healthy Children, Healthy Planet class last Friday. I learned some new information about the effect of plastic on our bodies. It's actually not new information, and I did know some of it before, but for some reason I'm now in a place where I am open to hearing about more of this stuff and I am able to take some responsibility for the things I know. And taking responsibility means taking action.

Simply put, plastic of all kinds leaches chemicals, particularly when it comes in contact with food. Jeff and I had already known that we shouldn't heat up food in plastic containers, or reuse water bottles, or eat microwave popcorn. But we never really considered until now that all plastic leaches harmful chemicals into food. When I look at my kitchen shelves, I see sliced bread in a plastic bag; margarine in tubs; crackers and cereal in plastic bags, packaged inside cardboard boxes; juice boxes with plastic straws; sippy cups for 'H'; ketchup in a plastic bottle... and the list goes on.

All of this was brought to my attention by a pediatric nurse who is genuinely concerned about both children and the planet. According to her and a number of scientists and researchers, there are different types of chemicals that leach out of different types of plastic containers and packaging, and all of them are harmful to our bodies and our health. Here is a link to a site that lays it out in an easy to read manner (gotta love the people who bridge the scientists with the lay people!)

Jeff is a scientist by nature and a chemist by training and it didn't take him long to come to the same conclusion I reached: our family has got to move toward a plastic-free lifestyle. So, we're working on it. It's a lot to think about. I can't say I'm surprised to find us at this point. In fact, I think I'm relieved that we got here before much time had passed.

Did you know that fleece is made from plastic? Oh my, I love fleece!

My computer mouse is made of plastic. And so are a bazillion other things we use on a daily basis!

Our daffodils are coming up! Spring is coming, I promise!


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