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Today was a really good day, not only because the weather was nice enough for us to play outside, but because it just flowed so easily.

Some days it seems that my girls are so old, and some days they are so young. Both recently went through growth spurts and they look older than they did even a week ago.

I have been learning that the days when I don't have a set schedule and I let things unfold on their own are the best ones around here. Sometimes we go out and do something, and sometimes we stay home, but no matter what we do, if I don't make any promises to be anywhere at a specific time, it all works quite well. We all enjoy the activity of the moment and enjoy each other's company.

When we have to be somewhere on time, it has the potential to go downhill - fast.

I realize that we can't live in the la la world forever, and that the girls have to learn how to show up on time at some point in their lives. They will. I think when they are old enough to begin to look forward to an activity that's supposed to happen in the near future even more than the activity they're engaged in at the moment, then they will be ready to learn about being somewhere on time. But for now they are just so happy getting from point A to point B that it almost seems pointless to rush to point B when the fun isn't even at point B. The fun is in the entire process. So why rush the process, rush the fun? Does that make sense?

On a separate note, I bought Pears soap today at Ocean State Job Lot for $1 a bar. It's an all natural soap and I thought it was a pretty good price. I know my stepfather loves it, so I called him to tell him about my great find and see if he wanted any. How do you think he responded? He told me that he gets it for $1 a bar at his local OSJL in Chatham (MA). So much for my great deal that I wanted to share! Then I told Jeff about it and he informed me that he doesn't like the smell of it, and did I buy the whole case or just a few bars? I bought 3. Well, I like it.

Have a great day and take some time to enjoy your journey from point A to point B.


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