Today is a day to play at home. We don't have to get in the car today, we don't have to do anything in particular. So far we've taken care of baby dolls and stuffed animals, colored with markers, and played with playdough. 'A' and 'H' are just about due for a snack.

I finally did something that I've been meaning to do for a while. I gathered all of my cleansers and boxed up the toxic ones (Lysol, Windex, etc.) to give away and stocked up on vinegar, baking soda and borax.

Tomorrow night is Earth Hour and at 8:30 pm (local time) everyone is urged to turn their lights off - and all other possible electricity - for an hour. You can read more about it here.

If you're interested in saving ink every time you print, you'll want to hear about this. Jeff introduced me to Ecofont, a font that was designed to save as much ink as possible. It's funky - there are circles without color in the middle of each letter - but it does print out okay and I'll use it for my printing purposes.
You can download the font for free here.

'H' is doing better today - I think her fever is due to teething. She's getting her molars all the way in the back of her mouth and they're really bothering her. She's doing much better.

Yesterday I took her to a music class while 'A' was at preschool. It was the first class I had done with just 'H' and it was very interesting to see the difference between the two of them in that kind of situation. 'A' would have been glued to me and would have barely participated. 'H', on the other hand, did everything the teacher told her to do and was first in line to roll on the rug, something the kids had to line up and take turns for. 'A' never would have rolled. It's just amazing to see how different two children from the same family can be.

Have a happy Friday!


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