the weekend

I found these photos today - I took them a few weeks ago, back when we still had snow on the roof. They pretty much describe what we're doing right now. Jeff took 'A' for her swimming lesson today while 'H' and I slept in (seriously slept in, it was really nice!). Now it's after lunch and 'H' is napping, I am playing with my photos, and Jeff and 'A' are reading a story about Uncle Willie and the soup kitchen on the couch. We're going to try out some playground time this afternoon and I am really hoping that the girls won't need to wear snowsuits there.

I found out that the maple syrup weekends in upstate NY are next weekend and the one after that. I have never been to watch the trees being tapped or to see the syrup boiled (I am probably the only person on earth who hasn't seen it), so I am excited to go.

An update on our attempt to have less plastic in our lives (starting in the kitchen): it has made me much more aware of what I consume and why. For one thing, avoiding plastic and unnecessary packaging means not stocking up on food, and instead buying things that are fresh or out of packaging as much as possible. Sometimes this is easy to do, like when I want seasonal, local produce and I can head to the farmer's market to get it, or purchase loose vegetables at the grocery store (fruit is tough: grapes, strawberries, blueberries... all in plastic). Other times it's possible, but with a few restrictions, like when I go to the bakery and purchase a fresh loaf of bread and ask for it to be sliced and put in a paper bag instead of plastic. I've gone back for the bread 3 times now and the woman who works there argues with me and snickers at me each time because she is so accustomed to putting it in the plastic bag and then in the paper bag that she can't break free and do something different.

Other times, plastic is impossible to avoid, like when I try to buy soy yogurt (sold in plastic) or cereal (sold in a plastic bag, then boxed in cardboard, or crackers (same packaging as the cereal - although I'm wondering if Ritz are packaged in waxed paper or in plastic) or canned food (the cans are lined with plastic). The simplest thing to do, which I am doing for now, is to avoid all of these products entirely.

So, what am I left with? Well, for one thing, I'm left with a lot of the same options that were available when I was a kid. Packaging was so much different back then. I'm also left with a lot of fresh, healthy, whole food options.

I'm on the hunt for a good stainless steel cup set for 'H' ('A' has been using glasses and "grown up" dishes for a while now, but 'H' would still prefer a non-breakable option), and I need a safe sippy cup so she can take it in her crib and in the car. On a side note, the issue of chemicals in plastic baby bottles is now in the news and people are doing things about it: .

I'm dealing with both the plastic issue and my emotions about it. I tend to get freaked out before I can plunge in and take much action.

Now I am going to move on to another task to help me forget about plastic and instead be freaked out about something else: the size of my filing pile! Yikes!


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