This is how I'm seeing things today. Fuzzy with a touch of snow.

'H' was up again last night, lots and lots of times. Her back molars are coming in... sort of. They're getting ready to surface, getting ready to want to poke through, but they're nowhere near making an appearance. It doesn't matter though, because they hurt anyway. 'A' was the same way, she would teethe for months before a tooth appeared. Just when she got done with one teething pain, another one would start.

As a result of my night awake, I'm having trouble focusing my eyes today.

'A' got to use her new stainless steel water bottle today and 'H' has been happy with her stainless steel sippy cup for the little bit she's had it. I was out at the bookstore yesterday looking for an Easter-themed book for the girls and 'H' was with me, holding tight to her cup. It's a Kleen Kanteen sippy cup and is BPA-free. Another mom at the bookstore looked at her and asked where I got the cup, quickly followed by, "Plastic is really bad for us." I stood there thinking, "Am I still living in my bubble and now I'm running into people who are living in my bubble too, or is the Plastic Is Bad attitude a mainstream thing?" I would LOVE it if it were mainstream! Not because I have any desire to be part of the mainstream (I don't have any desire to be out of it either... I have no preference either way, just as long as I get to do what I want without people making decisions for me). I would love it if it were mainstream because it would mean that lots and lots of people are doing something to consume less plastic. And that would be a good thing.

Both girls are napping now and the house is quiet. I want to curl up with a blanket now, but I just cannot afford that luxury today. Tomorrow I will, I promise.


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