Happy Birthday, big little girl!

I have a million and one things to do right now. A sensible person would tell me to put down the camera and pick up the pace. Thank goodness there aren't any sensible people here with me today!

It's close to the end of 'H's naptime and I still have to finish preparing the dishes we're bringing to our friend's home for a passover seder tonight. Today happens to be 'A's birthday (four years old!) and I am in the process of making a vegan "cheesecake" and instead of a graham cracker crust I used matzoh meal. The crust was pretty tasteless so I added some maple syrup at the last minute and I'm wondering how it will turn out.

I'm also making a few vegan matzoh balls in a little soup so that 'A' can take part in that tradition, too.

Today she asked her preschool teacher to not sing "Happy Birthday" to her and she asked me to make sure no one sings it tonight. Got it.

Tomorrow I am devoting a chunk of time to tax filing prep. I know, I know, the deadline is coming up soon. Jeff and I are many things, but one thing we are not is results-driven and timely. That was two things. It's a good thing we're both like that, otherwise we would drive each other crazy.

Yesterday I made fig bars for 'A's preschool birthday snack. They called for lemon zest, and I am always so thankful for recipes that call for lemon zest, because they give me a really good excuse to make a quick glass of lemonade, one of my favorite treats.

Happy dilly-dallying!


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