We took a family hike through the woods in our backyard today, and we actually got pretty far, which is amazing for our little group. 'H' rides in the backpack but 'A' walks, and sometimes (often) her legs "can't move" anymore and she has to stop to complain about all the walking we make her do. Yeah, I know all about it. I'm still cursing Jeff and Chris and Sue for making me walk all that long way to the Italian restaurant for dinner the night before I went into labor with 'A' four years ago. Goodness, that walk was so long and I was so pregnant and they all marched along joyfully while I complained that I couldn't keep up. And you know what? I couldn't.

Anyway, back to our walk. Jeff knows everything there ever was to know about the natural world, so our walks are more like a science class than a carefree stroll, which is great. He spots neat things to look at and sniffs stuffs and feels stuff and pokes through stuff. I make it sound so very scientific, I know.

About halfway through the walk I realized that we should all be much more aware of how to spot signs of black bears and what to do if we encounter them in the woods. They live behind our home, that we are sure, but luckily we've never seen any. I can imagine that if we were to run into one in the woods, it could be an unfortunate encounter if we didn't know what to do, don't you think?

Enough of the scary stuff. We're working on our plans for a rain barrel and compost pile and some raised beds in the backyard and it should all be very exciting. It probably won't be assembled for some time though, as we have the wedding this coming weekend. Lucky for us, we have such a late start to the growing season up here that there's really no rush to get things in the ground for another month anyway. This is a fabulous climate for garden procrastinators. I'm anxious to get our compost pile up and running though. Right now we're producing 2 bags of garbage a week (the standard 13 gallon size) and if we can compost much of our food scraps, I think we can get it to one bag per week. That would be an exciting improvement! Ahh, the stuff that makes us happy...

The sermon at the UU church today touched on a lot of the things we talked about in my class on Friday. It was about the celebration of Earth Day (which, as the minister said, is one of the High Holy Holidays for Unitarians, and she's right). She spoke about how we have to do more than talk the talk about protecting and nurturing nature and the environment, that we have to walk the walk too, and that can be hard to do. One of the key things is that we allow ourselves time to unwind and be spontaneous and relaxed in nature, something that is hard to do in our structured, scheduled world. It's important to take time to stop and smell the roses, if you will. Really smell them.

Have a fabulous day. And join me in saying a big Happy Birthday to Jeff, who turns thirtysomething on April 20th.


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