Wow, what a whirlwind this has all been! Emily's wedding to Harry was on Saturday. We went to Massachusetts on Friday morning and stayed for the weekend. The wedding was wonderful. The ceremony was lovely, the bride and groom were basking in happiness, the weather was unbelievably "un-April" (in fact, the heat set a new record), and everything was great. As maid of honor, I got to stand beside Emily at the altar and I had to fight back my tears throughout the ceremony once I realized my nose was going to run - a lot - and I didn't have any tissues handy.

I brought my camera but didn't have many chances to use it - I was running, running, running all weekend.

Although it was fabulous overall, there was the potential for a few big glitches. The biggest issue was that my father fell ill with a stomach bug on Friday afternoon. He couldn't function, and didn't make it to the rehearsal or the rehearsal dinner. He wasn't sure if he would be able to make it to the wedding. Somehow, thankfully, he made an almost full recovery by the time the ceremony began on Saturday afternoon. It was a big relief to see him kick up his heels on the dance floor!

The second breath-holder for me was that Jeff woke up the day of the wedding with such severe back pain that he couldn't move. Not only was his attendance at the wedding questionable, but I was counting on him to do the bulk of the parenting that day as I ran around helping Emily set up the reception site and get herself ready. I still have no idea how it all came together. Thankfully my father happened to have some pretty potent pain pills in his suitcase and Jeff was feeling better in no time.

Good news on 'H's celiac bloodwork: it came back negative. Whew! A gluten-free diet is the last thing I need. Interestingly enough though, now that she's been completely off dairy for a few weeks, her system is functioning significantly better. So no dairy for either of our kids, and Jeff and I have decided to use up our existing dairy and not consume any more. If you've been counting, that makes our home a dairy, egg and meat-free zone. We still eat honey so I guess we're not vegan.

Love and peace to you.


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