Oh my, I feel better. The dishes are done, the papers on my desk are organized, and things are good. I get really out of sorts when I don't make time to keep my space organized, and lately I haven't been keeping up with it all. I've got to get my groove back.

I went out today to check on my flower beds and was pleasantly surprised to find that a little fertility magic has been happening in my yard. I went to the spot where the catnip plants were located last year and found only one plant coming up. Where did they go? Well, then I looked over at the columbine and found one of the catnip plants coming up right next to it! It moved! Funky.

That's not all. I grow oregano all the way across the yard and am now finding it coming up next to the lamb's ear. Now that is funky. I'm not going to pull it because it makes a nice ground cover and I'm wondering what it'll look like over there.

We didn't get in the car at all today and you know how much I love days like this. By the end of the day I feel so relaxed and snuggled into my space. I feel at home.

Part of our afternoon was spent chasing these birds around the yard. What are they? Brown-headed cowbirds? I've never seen them before. The male was running after the female and he would squawk for a bit and then spread his wings and jump up and down in front of her. She seemed annoyed by it all.

Jeff hooked up our new rain barrel the other day and we actually collected several inches last night - exciting! If we got that much from a little rain shower, imagine how much we'll collect from the summer storms. I'm told that once you set up one rain barrel, you will get addicted and want to get one for each down spout. If that's the case, I'm going to need to get the instructions to make my own. They're not cheap.

Here is my "I love my daughter" moment. Today 'A' was busy with her markers and a pile of "post office" stuff I keep for her (mostly the business reply envelopes that come in my junk mail). Look at what she did! She came to me with this one and showed how she copied the letters in "Business". I'm so proud of her. She wants to learn what the letters mean so badly. And do you see the stamp?


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