We had a butterfly friend join us at lunchtime today. If you look closely, you can see it fluttering around the parsley. I love having them come to visit us. You know that all is right when butterflies are around. No genetically modified corn here to kill off the larvae.

The coolest thing happened during lunch today. We sat outside and enjoyed a variety of things (brown rice, soynut butter on homemade pita bread, pears and strawberries) and then 'H' asked for some lettuce. That's not the cool part - she loves the Newman's Asian dressing I use and she wanted some bok choy with it. I got her a bowl, she polished it off, and then she asked for some more. I walked over to the lettuce plants and picked a few leaves for her. The next thing I knew, 'A' was picking lettuce leaves and adding them to her soynut butter sandwich. Now that's cool! She has never said "yes" to leafy greens, but now that they're growing in her yard, she's willing to give them a try. I get a BIG smile on my face when I think about it!

Below is Grace's snake toy that she found in the back yard today. Well, it's not actually a toy, but she used it as one.

Our plant-based diet is (surprisingly) incredibly easy to live with. I eat fruit for breakfast - lately it's this smoothie: banana, rice milk, OJ, ice and another fruit, like pineapple. Sometimes I throw in dandelion greens or spinach for fun. Lunch is a salad - sometimes I use my sister's fabulous salad recipe: greens, avocado, almonds, and an orange with orange-ginger dressing. Dinner consists of a variety of things. Tonight we had a wild rice, lentil and black eyed pea pilaf with broiled asparagus and zucchini, and black bean hummus with pita chips. Tomorrow I think we're having something with broccoli rabe - maybe pizza with the rabe and tomato sauce (no cheese) or a simple pasta dish with garlic and rabe.

It's easy to do this in part because I feel physically good (when you cut out dairy, the pounds melt away without help). I also feel like I'm taking one of the most important steps I've ever taken on my journey to bring health to our planet. Food choices matter so much. It's not just a matter of where the food is grown, or whether pesticides are used. Simply put, a diet that includes meat and dairy is not sustainable for the planet. More and more corn is grown to feed more and more cows, and those fields of corn are taking nutrients from the soil but they don't put it back in. The corn crops can't continue forever in poor soil. And the cows who eat the corn? They're some of the earth's biggest polluters of all. It's their gas, no joke.

By removing the cow from our diet, we've taken a huge step in the right direction. I never ate beef anyway, but I did love dairy, and I've found it very easy to give it up.

Cheers to a happy planet!


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