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Yesterday Jeff worked from home and took some time off to join 'A' at preschool for the "marathon" the kids ran. 'A' is so fragile. One of her teachers had sent home a notice about the run and said that parents are welcome to run with the children, so we all talked about running together, and 'A' was excited about it. When we arrived to see her line up that day, she was in tears because she thought (maybe the other teacher had said something) that ONLY the children were allowed to run. She was beside herself. She didn't want to run. Then we asked if we could run and the answer was "Sure!" So Jeff ran with 'A' and I tried to run along with 'H', who didn't want to run and just wanted to cry instead.

I think I know why 'H' has spent the past few days crying. She woke up this morning with a pretty yucky runny nose, and midway through the day she came down with a fever. She didn't nap because she was so uncomfortable. Do you think she was building up to this over the past few days? Probably, and since she isn't old enough to express it, we ended up having a few communication issues.

Speaking of sickness, our bodies are a big focus of ours lately, and it's not all for good reasons either. 'H's binding digestive issues are significantly better now that she's not eating animal products, but she still runs into trouble every once in a while when she eats something new. I'm going to take her to a nutritionist (we all should go, actually) and see if I should put her on magnesium supplements.

Jeff is dealing with a massive herniated disk. To deal with his pain he's back into yoga and there is an air of relaxation and mind-body health in our home. I wish it were all preventative medicine but it's not, he's just trying to get some relief. It's a big issue in his life, in our life. Pain wears you down.

I've added supplements to my daily regimen - a multivitamin in the morning, a calcium and vitamin D at lunch and vitamin E (natural, not synthetic) and magnesium before I go to bed. My multivitamin doesn't have any selenium in it so I may add that as a separate supplement too. Goodness, I'm turning into an old person.

Today I made an enormous bok choy salad to send down to the Ronald McDonald House with the MOMS Club moms who cooked dinner for the house residents. I had planned to go, but 'H's midday fever put an end to that plan. Anyway, I made a big salad and as I was cleaning up I wondered if 'A' and I could paint the cut ends of the cabbage and make rose shaped stamps out of them. The short answer is that it looks a lot easier in the book than it is in real life. We gave up on the bok choy ends and 'A' painted herself instead.

The wild blackberries in the backyard have blossoms.

Farmer's Market tomorrow, and although my fridge is still stocked with greens, I'm hoping to find something new. Something not green and leafy!


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