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Jeff has been making homemade lotion. I'm happy for him because he's been wanting to get back into "The Lab" for a while now, either by making lotion and skin care products or by making beer. Jeff works with computers now, but he is actually a biologist and chemist by training and he worked for several years developing skin care products for Clinique and Estee Lauder.

A while ago I bought a big can of olive oil and I wasn't fond of the taste. "What am I going to do with this now?" I asked. Jeff suggested we make hand cream out of it. I don't know how to make it, but I do know how to source ingredients so I gathered the local beeswax and the Saratoga spring water, and he's been mixing up test batches in our kitchen. It's nice to see this side of him, and really nice to have some lotion to fill my empty bottles!

This is Grace. I took Erma to a new vet yesterday, a holistic doctor. She started limping on her front paws a few weeks ago and I called our regular vet to check in. They said, "Arthritis," and told me to bring her in to start meds. I had JUST been there with her for bloodwork! Something didn't sit right so I called a holistic vet in town. When I took her in, I was surprised to hear a very different message. I was told that her neck was probably out of alignment and that's why her front paws were limp. The doctor did a chiropractic adjustment. She also diagnosed her with a spleen qi deficiency and a kidney qi something or other, and switched her food from dry to wet and added a few supplements. I'm still trying to fully absorb the qi (pronounced "chee") issues but overall it makes sense to me. Good health starts with food.

I'm loving this new piece of art. It's from our neighbor - she had it out at her garage sale on Saturday. I just love it and I'm so happy and grateful that she thought our home would be a nice place for it.

Our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm pick up is tomorrow. I'm very excited! We support Denison Farm in Schaghticoke. I didn't do it last summer but this summer I'm ready to embrace the highs and lows of the farm harvest. This week we'll be getting a lot of greens and I'll be sure to try out some new recipes with them.


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