I am SO ready for summer! Amazingly, the calendar is already full. Or is it amazing? It happens every year, and yet it always catches me off guard. We visit my parents, then Jeff's parents come, then we have some more visitors and visits and before you know it, it's Halloween.

We're hoping to do one thing this summer that is a little different for us: we are hoping to have a child from the "Fresh Air" program come and stay with us. If we can be matched up with a six year old girl, we'll be thrilled. Any older than that might be too old for our kids. If a child that age isn't available, we'll wait for next summer and hope it comes through. I'm asking for a child who is allergic to dairy mostly because I'm all set up for it and as a parent of a child with food allergies, I would be relieved to know that she was going to stay at a home like ours. Also, it'll be easier to feed someone at our house since we don't eat dairy, but I'm happy to bring in the food that will make this child comfortable. We're just happy to be able to provide a time away from the city where a child can be immersed in nature and quiet and privacy. We've lived in cities, in apartments... it's hard when you don't see trees and the sky everyday, when you don't have a backyard of your own, when you don't have a safe place to play outside. We're here to do our part, and I guess this is part of doing our part.

'A' took this one of me. It's just the kind of portrait I like - fuzzy and not much of me.

Have a great night!


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