I asked Jeff last night if he would ever like to switch places with me - I can work and he can take care of our girls. I'm not sure I got a straight answer out of him. Taking care of kids involves a lot of physical labor, a lot of patience, a lot of spontaneity, and a willingness to let go of control during moments that aren't of my choosing. It has been a huge growing up experience for me. And I'm well aware that this parenting journey has only just begun.

And even though I wonder if I'll ever be more than a chef or a waitress for my kids, I still love the way I spend my days.

Today I found time to look at the sky...

And I found a dry, sunny moment to dead head my petunias...

And I found time to talk to the tomatoes. I have no real experience growing vegetables and I don't think I'll have faith in my ability to shepherd the process until the season is over and I can look at what worked and what didn't. Just because there are flowers on those tomato plants doesn't mean I'll get tasty fruit. I won't believe it until I see (and eat) it.

And best of all, 'A' found time to make Cinderella a wedding bouquet...


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