I want to take a nap

I rearranged the flower bed today - broke up some larger perennials and used them to fill in some empty areas. I love to garden but it wears me out. I want to take a nap!

I'm making bread right now (my favorite bulgur-oatmeal recipe) and it's just about ready to go in the oven. I've convinced myself that I need that delicious whole grain bread to go with all of the proteins in the beans I eat. Right?

'H' is napping, and so are Grace and Erma. I think I might too, if only for 5 minutes...

We collected some leaves and assorted items from the backyard today and did some leaf rubbings. It was our first time doing them together and 'A' got a kick out of seeing the leaves appear through the paper. 'H' didn't have a clue what she was doing but she had fun with her big, peeled crayon in her own way.

See these eggs? They are such a treasure! I found the little house finch egg under the nest outside the garage a few weeks ago and Jeff found the blue half-shell belonging to a robin the same day. Those were legitimate finds, in my opinion - we didn't steal them from the birds, and they certainly aren't missing them.

The nest, though, is another story. Grace brought it to the back door a few days ago. I have no idea where she got it. It's clean, so that tells me it had eggs in it one minute and was empty the next. I don't see Grace raiding a nest full of eggs. My mother suggested that a snake ate the eggs and Grace happened to find the empty nest. That's possible. We have snakes in our yard and they do love to dine on little bird eggs.

In the end, the nest is ours to keep. It's an amazing piece of architecture. How do birds know how to make a nest? They don't go to school for it, and I don't think they learn from other birds, either. Is it instinct? Must be. Amazing.

The tomato plants are still happy, knock on wood.

My overgrown, leggy sage plant grew many wonderful blossoms this year, so I think I might keep it as an ornamental plant only and not expect a harvest from it. I have two more little sage plants in the new garden that will produce the tender, soft leaves I like to use for cooking.

Speaking of cooking, Jeff brought our knives in to be sharpened today - something that hasn't been done in 5 years - and I'm very excited to use them! This afternoon the girls and I go to the farm for our first veggie pick-up and the idea of chopping up fresh, local, organic vegetables with newly sharpened knives is just too much for me. If that isn't emotional overload, I don't know what is! I hope the rest of your day is just as exciting, in your own way.


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