Pint-sized visitors

My niece and nephew, Nanette and William, are here to visit. Their parents (my sister, Jennifer and her husband, Bill) are in town for the weekend too - they're staying at the Adelphi Hotel this weekend and the kids are with us. The girls ('A' and 'H') are thrilled to have them here and Jeff and I are pretty happy about it too. We cut our parenting teeth during the overnights we did with W & N long before we had kids. We have a connection to them that we just don't have with any children besides our own.

'H' gave me a little scare today. Just before lunch she tripped and hit her knee and started crying about it. I picked her up and soothed her but she wouldn't stop crying. The next thing I knew, she was arched back in my arms, eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she was completely unresponsive. I freaked out, ran to the front of the house, grabbed the phone along the way and dialed 911. I screamed for someone to please help me. All I could think was that I couldn't lose her but I didn't know how to do CPR. She regained consciousness just after the 911 operator came on the phone. She woke up and looked at me like she couldn't figure out why I was screaming at her to wake up, and why were we in the front yard, anyway? She seemed okay so I told them not to come, and that I would call her pediatrician.

The doctor's office was closed for lunch, so after a call to Jeff (who said she was probably hot and hungry, which made sense), my mom (she's a former nurse), and Jennifer, who told me that Nanette had a breath-holding spell and did exactly the same thing when she was little (and by the way, Jennifer's reaction was the same as mine, to run to the front yard and scream for help), I decided that 'H', who does hold her breath when she gets frustrated or upset, had a super-duper breath holding incident and that's what caused her to pass out.

The nurse at the pediatrician's office said the same thing.

My goodness.

To calm down, I made strawberry jam out of the strawberries we got from the farm on Wednesday. They were too good to eat up in one sitting! I want to savor them for months to come. I crushed them up and added the sugar and pectin and made 9 little jars of freezer jam. I hope it sets right and tastes just like the strawberry freezer jam Grandma Millicent used to make. Ooooh! That alone made me excited to spend the night. I knew when I woke up I would be treated to a slice of toast with her jam.

Now that I'm a grown up, I get to eat the jam whenever I want and love every bite of it!


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