Rain today. The plants are very happy.

We went to buy some fruit and some tissues today. We all have colds, and tissues are in demand around here. I also stopped at GNC to see what kind of probiotics they had. 'H' could use them for her personal digestive issues. By the way, I called the nutritionist and my health insurance company and was told that a visit isn't covered unless it's for diabetes treatment. That is nuts! Anyway, I wanted the probiotics not only for 'H' but for me too. After I took Erma to the holistic vet last week and saw that her tongue health was an indicator of her qi, I started sticking my tongue out in the mirror. I decided to do this homemade yeast overgrowth test. Many, many people have a yeast overgrowth problem and they don't even know it. I took the test and also gave it to 'A' for comparison. Of course 'A' passed with flying colors because her diet has been stellar her whole young life and she's only been on antibiotics twice. Me? I failed, big time.

The woman at GNC was very helpful and at the same time she was a horrible salesperson. She pretty much dissuaded me from purchasing much and instead gave me lots of homemade recipes for probiotics. I bought a "Super Acidophilus" for myself. She told me to take wheatberries (now that I'm reading more and more vegan cookbooks, I actually know what they are) and fill a sterile jar 1/3 full, and add another 1/3 of water. Then cap it and let it sit in a dark, cool place for 2 days until it ferments and use the fermented liquid in a smoothie or drink once a day. She said the whole family should be on it for our overall health.

And she said for additional magnesium for 'H', give her ground flaxseed in her oatmeal or baked goods.

Jeff loves his iPhone. And I love him.


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