settling in after a very nice weekend

Jeff and I went to see Dave Matthews last night with Jennifer and Bill, and as a result of our fun, we are a *little* slow today. The concert was great, even though we stood in the rain for most of it. I was very surprised by how lax the security was. I brought in 2 bottles of wine (which is completely illegal) and they never even dug through my bag to see what was in it.

It was hard to ignore the fact that some - many - of the people attending the concert were younger than us. A lot younger. In fact, I'm old enough to be their mother. I used to sometimes feel disconnected from or annoyed by young adults but I'm finding that I see them in a whole new way lately. They are the next generation. They're my future, and yours too. I have faith in them.

On Saturday we made our trip to the farmer's market, with a larger group this time. I had wanted to stop by the veggie stamping table and just as we got there, a photographer from the local newspaper showed up to take photos. 'A' and Nanette got their photo on the paper's website, and here he is, working his magic...

and here's 'A', working her magic.

There was a Flag Day parade that stretched down Broadway in Saratoga Springs, and because of Jennifer and Bill, who were staying at the Adelphi Hotel, we got the best seats in town. We went up to their balcony, which was shaded, and enjoyed plush chairs and cold water while we watched the parade pass us by. A plane came zooming over really low and we enjoyed that a lot!

Look... here comes the plane!

Looking forward to a nice Monday. Erma goes back to the homeopathic vet. She's still limping around, so that tells me the chiropractic treatment didn't help. Who knows if her supplements help. We're competing to see who can take more supplements a day, I think.

Me and 'H'....

Jennifer and Nanette...

Have a great day!


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