This year, July is a month that is bringing us visitors almost every day. Jeff's parents ("Grandma Shelly" and "Grandpa Neal") just kissed us goodbye after a very nice 5 day visit, and in just a few days, we're happy to be welcoming a little girl from New York City into our home as part of the Fresh Air Fund program.

Finally the rain has dried up enough for us to have Family S'mores Nights, and I can't tell you how happy I was to assemble this basket filled with marshmallows, graham crackers and Newman's dark chocolate bars (no dairy). The girls love s'mores so much and I can't say it's just a kid thing in our house. Jeff and I love them too!

Last weekend we added a little extra excitement to our life when 'H' poked 'A' in the eye with a marker cap and scratched her cornea. Oh what fun a trip to the opthamologist is on a Saturday morning! 'A' got an eye patch, which she wasn't happy about (would you be?), and I, the good-intentioned fool that I am, promised her that I would put one on just as soon as we got home. Well, I tried it on and immediately felt dizzy and sick. Thank goodness for Jeff. He put one on and was her special buddy. She was such a trooper about the whole thing. I love her.

Things I'm happy about this week:

** The tomatoes are still growing and so far, no signs of blight. But since it's spreading so quickly and it's still so rainy, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it comes to my garden. But so far, so good!

** 'A' went to the ballet with her grandparents this week and loved it.

** Jeff and I made blueberry jam one night this week and although the jam *hasn't yet set* (maybe it will set, maybe it never will, and if it doesn't, we have a number of jars of blueberry topping waiting for our pancakes this coming winter), it was a nice treat to spend time cooking with my husband.

Things I'm not happy about this week:

** A few of my squash plants succumbed to stem rot from all the rain we've had. I'm watching the others carefully and still don't consider any of them to be out of the woods.

** I found out the hard way that the vine crawling up our backyard tree is poison ivy. I should probably start using garden gloves, but I love to feel the soil and the leaves too much. The poison ivy tingle is not much fun to deal with!

This weekend calls for rest, cleaning up and getting ready for our New York City friend to come!


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