Packing up

I did take some time to turn the cucumbers into pickles today. I sterilized everything and made 2 jars of refrigerator pickles. I liked the recipe because it called for turmeric, and I like turmeric in pickles. Who knows how they'll come out. I've never actually pickled anything (except for those times I've gotten myself in a pickle!) so I'm wondering what they will taste like.

At least the cucumbers aren't going to get spongy in my refrigerator drawer this week!

I'm packing up for a vacation at my mother's house at the Cape. I'm happy to be going. I miss the Cape and now that my children are a little older and need less physical care from me (the holding-nursing-holding routine is far behind me, thank goodness!) I look forward to vacations a little more. It seems like it might actually be a vacation now that I'm not physically attached to someone else. And you know, I'm the first to admit that I don't care for babies AT ALL and I do really enjoy young children, so you could say that right now I'm at the apex of my parenting journey, with a 2 and 4 year old.

Two things that are total bummers with my kids:
We served noodles with peanut sauce to 'A' last night for dinner and she got hives on her face - not a good sign. This was one of her first exposures to peanuts. I'm going to take her in for a full nut test to see what exactly I can serve for dinner and what I can't. It's a bummer because peanut butter is so yummy - way better than soy nut butter, and much easier to find. I wish we could switch her over.

'H' continues to fall and cry so hard that she holds her breath and passes out. This is pretty much an every other day occurrence at this point. It's making me crazy! I now shout out "lollipop! marshmallow! candy!" whenever she starts up, trying to distract her and make her take a breath before she faints. I'm so sick of this game. Why did it just start out of nowhere? When will it end?


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