We're on the Cape and we brought the sun with us. It's welcomed by all of these New Englanders who haven't seen it in a while, and frankly, we're not surprised it followed us here. It followed us to Rhode Island last weekend and we're starting to think it just follows us wherever we go.

Choices. We all make them everyday, and most often you don't see what would have happened if you had picked a different option, you just trust that you're making the best choice you can.

On the way to the Cape yesterday there was heavy traffic as we neared the bridges. For most of my life, I've gone over the Sagamore Bridge, but these past few years I've been going over the Bourne. The traffic reports indicated that there was a 5 mile back up for the Bourne and a 3 mile back up for the Sagamore. Jeff looked at the alternate routes and wondered if we should cut over to the Sagamore, and I said I didn't think so. The alternate route would have taken just as long. We went back and forth on it, wondering what to do. We stuck with the Bourne bridge. At the last minute, there's a turn off for the Sagamore and we chose to stay on our course and not take it.

After we got across, we took a road that had us driving right under the Sagamore Bridge. "Wow," we said, "that traffic is at a standstill." Then we saw the car that had flipped over and was leaning against the side of the bridge. People were just getting out of their cars and were looking dazed. It had just happened. A car (the one that was flipped) drove into 2 lanes of oncoming traffic on the bridge. And you know what? If we had chosen to take the Sagamore, we could have been at that spot, or we could have been stuck in the traffic behind the accident for hours.

We made the right choice. Thank goodness everyone in that accident walked away.

We got here in time to play in the sand, spend time with Grandma and Grandpa, and try to catch the fireworks before sending the girls off to bed. The fireworks were at Rock Harbor and if it had been low tide, we could have walked out on the flats and seen the fireworks very well. But it was high tide and we were confined to the beach, and we could just barely make out some of the bigger ones as they cleared the tree line. We didn't see much of the big public display, but the neighbors didn't disappoint us. On both sides they were shooting off smaller ones that were LOUD and neat to watch.

Today we went to the 4th of July parade in town and after the girls wake up from naptime, it'll be time to hit the beach! Veggie burgers and Cape Cod Potato Chips for dinner tonight (is there any dinner better than that????) and more playtime after that.

You know how much I love to be here. It satisfies my soul.


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