Busy-ness and complete surprises

We've been running these past few days! Even 'A' said today as I returned the toys I took away from her the other day for bad behavior, "Mommy, I didn't miss them at all! We visited so many people and I was doing so many things and I didn't think about them at all." I've been watching her. She's telling me the honest truth.

The other day we went to visit Beth Anne (above), the sweetest of all sweethearts on the planet, at her parent's home nearby. She's visiting now: Beth Anne lives all the way across the country in LA. Also at Beth Anne's house that afternoon were Tracy (a.k.a. Trabo, her J-Lo name, in the photo below), who is one of Jeff's dearest friends and our former roommate from our NYC days together; Lara, who is newly married; and Sue, who along with Beth Anne, wins the sweetest sweetheart on the planet award.

It was a treat to spend a sober, sunny afternoon with just the ladies (usually there's a fair number of men mixed in when I see any of them, and usually we're not completely sober...). The visit filled me up with love and peace and all kinds of emotional deliciousness.

By the way, I did see a shooting star the other night! Just one, and it was all I needed. Just as Grace came to snuggle up in my outdoor blanket, and I said, "Grace, it's time to go in. The moon is rising and the mosquitos are out..." Just then, the largest shooting star ever sailed straight above me, across the sky. It was magnificent.

I worked at the church fair on Saturday and while I was there I bought the most wonderful piece of garden art ever. It's a big, colorful flower made out of water bottles. The bottles were cut, torched, heat gunned and painted by the women of our church and they're just beautiful. I love that they're so sunny and happy. And the best part is, since plastic takes 500,000 years to degrade, I can pass this along as a family heirloom forever and ever! I love it!

One of my surprises this weekend - I surprised myself a few times - was how comfortable I felt working at the plant booth. I've been poking around in the garden at home for a few years now and I must be starting to have some confidence because I was able to talk about plants with the customers without really thinking twice. Nice!

Tonight Jeff is at the Phish show at SPAC with many, many of our friends. It's not entirely my gig so I didn't go (it might be more my gig if I didn't need to spend $100 on a babysitter in order to go). He went early to tailgate (and he intended to ride his bike but it was just so hot today). The girls and I scooted in the back way in the afternoon to see everyone we could and give kisses all around before heading back home to our air conditioned home.

Gosh there were a lot of cars there! Do you think this is what the Woodstock parking lot looked like at Max Yasgur's farm? Do you think there were this many cars there? I doubt it.

My favorite surprise came tonight. I came home from SPAC with the girls and intended to feed them dinner, bathe them, and put them to bed early so I could have some time to clean the house or relax, or do something of my choosing. We all had a leisurely dinner, and then at bathtime the skies opened up and a fantastic thunderstorm rained down, complete with nearby lightning. I postponed the bath. 'A' asked a question about the Earth and I wondered if it was too early to introduce them to the TV series Planet Earth. I put in a disc and they loved it. Just loved it. The rain stopped just as the movie ended, so we all went upstairs for a bath. I savored my time with them tonight. By the time I kissed them goodnight, it was 10 pm and too late for me to have any substantial time to myself, but I didn't care. I was surprised by how much I wanted to spend time with them tonight, how gentle and playful I wanted to be. It's a reminder to me that I do my best parenting when there's no schedule to follow. If I'm not concerned with the clock, my patience and understanding flows more easily.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you all the joys you are able to imagine.


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