Perfection on a stalk

We've had some hits and misses with the garden this year, and some "next year we will do this differently..." conversations, but for the most part I'm happy with what we have. This year is a practice year for us - we planted a variety of plants but not a lot of the same kind because we wanted to get some experience growing a variety of things. Next year I will plant more than one cherry tomato plant, and I'll put my beans where they'll get more sun, and I won't plant so much cilantro (I may not be able to control that part as I have some cilantro in another garden that keeps coming up year after year).

Today is the ultimate lazy day for me. I've spent much of it reading, a delicious treat I rarely give myself these days. I'm reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It's jam-packed with elegantly-presented information about where the heck our food comes from. Wow, this book is gripping! I'm learning a lot more about things I knew a little bit about and I'm learning a lot of new things, too. If you've ever wondered what's in that hamburger bun you're having for dinner, where your hamburger came from and what it was fed (and where the food came from), and how the soda you're drinking to wash it all down is impacting our economy, our environment, and our national eating habits, then this book is for you!

And even if you're not wondering about all of that, this book is still for you.

'H' is napping. Yesterday I started waking her from her nap early. She's such an early riser this year and I'm wondering if those 3-hour naps are the cause of her early waking (I'm talking 5:30 am wake-up time!). Yesterday was a big day for her and for me - she opted to sit on the couch in her room across from me while I read a story before naptime rather than sit in my lap and nurse. It was her choice and I tried not to show much of a reaction, instead letting her take the lead on it, as I always have done with her when it comes to nursing. She did nurse at night but again today at naptime she opted to sit on the couch. It's happening exactly as I think it should - it's her choice and there's no fanfare that goes along with it. It's just a fact of life. However, I wasn't expecting any of this and I'm a little caught off guard! We're another step closer to the end of an era. It's bittersweet.

Happy Bittersweet Moment Day to you too.


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