rain & veggie burgers

Rain today.

I'm so happy and relieved to finally use up some of the veggie burger vegetables I've been getting from the farm. In process are two recipes: beet-jalapeno-mushroom burgers and swiss chard-mushroom-pecan burgers. I love taking burgers out of the freezer on busy days and having dinner ready in no time flat.

I've been thinking about parenting lately, more than I usually do. It seems that 'A' used to be so steady, but when I take a closer look, she has so many ups and downs and different cycles she goes through, it's hard for Jeff and me to keep up sometimes.

She - and the rest of us, for that matter - made it through the "I am an independent grown-up and I want to live on my own, without anyone telling me what to do" phase intact. She now wants to live here with us, help out, and interact without an attitude. It's so nice to have her back. There are other things about our relationship that I work on, like hugging her more (neither one of us likes to hug all that much, so it's lacking. 'H' on the other hand is a wonderful hugger and she's always running toward one of us with her arms wide open...). I'm really looking forward to this next year with the two of them.

As the start of the school year draws near, I'm finding that I'm more happy than ever with our decision to keep the girls out of preschool this year. Sometimes I make decisions that I feel are right but part of me wonders how I'll really feel when the time comes to carry it out. It's hard to ignore the school chatter - it comes from other parents, from the media, and from my own Pavlovian associations with this time of year. It's going to be fun to be with them and let them do what they want and need to do as the year goes on. One thing in particular I won't miss: getting up and getting out the door on time. Ugh. I have never been one to arrive at school or work early or on time in a relaxed manner. No matter what personality traits my kids have when they get older, they aren't capable of getting up and getting ready on time at this point in their lives. And when you have someone like me in charge of the situation, it degrades quickly. It's not as if we sleep late or anything. We just like to let the day unfold in a civil and slow way. It causes us so much stress to get out the door when we're not ready. I can't stand the sound of myself, "Just about ready to put your shoes on, please make sure you go to the bathroom before we leave... Did you go to the bathroom yet?... Time to put on your shoes, do I need to lead you to the bathroom?... Could you work on putting on your coat?... Were you able to get your coat on?" I'm learning that if I take myself and my family out of situations where I act like a nag and a bitch, we're all happier.

Sometimes I think about what my cousin told me. She said she didn't send her kids to school until third grade because that was the point at which they were ready to "take on" school. They were excited about getting up and getting ready, about learning the things they were taught, about doing their homework. They didn't need to be herded through the day - they were old enough and excited enough to do it on their own, because they wanted to. Her boys are teenagers now, ready for college, and they have a wonderful family.

I wonder what the future holds for us?


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