sparkly feelings!

The Unitarian church fair is this weekend and I'm donating time and goods. Today I dug up some perennials to sell at the plant booth, and on Saturday I'll be working at both the plant booth and the jumble table, 'A' in tow as my special helper. I also made some "heart healthy" egg- and dairy-free chocolate chip cookies for the dessert sale. "Heart healthy" is in quotation marks because it's just a claim of mine and it's not based on any science, and it's probably not really true, but it does sound good. I make them with Smart Balance instead of butter and instead of eggs I use flaxseed, and the flax oil in the Smart Balance and in the ground seeds is heart healthy.

Tonight Jeff is at a poker game and I'm going outside soon to watch the rest of the Perseids meteor shower, something I try to do every August. This year it'll just be me out there, laying on the ground looking up at the big night sky. I've been known to wake up my roommates, my husband, my family members... anyone who happens to be sleeping on a Perseids night, and make them go outside with me. Last night was actually the peak for us so tonight I shouldn't expect much, but it's fun to go out and watch. You end up seeing a lot more than you expect when you lay down, be still, and take time to really look at the night sky.

'A' and I are still working on the whole "I am four and I want to live by myself" thing. Tonight she stuck her metal hair clip in the light socket and said that a big light came out of it. My goodness, she could have been hurt, or worse! We had a big talk (after my freakout, and her freakout), and we're further along the path to reconciliation than we were earlier today. I think I need to talk to my mother about it because as I recall, I was pretty independent and also wanted to live alone at that age, and somehow my parents were able to fold me back into family life without too much stress.

Have a good night, a boring night with no electrical sparks.


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