Saratoga Lake: this is the view from the end of the main road near our neighborhood. We drive past here every time we can - I miss "the water" so much, the water I grew up close to. The ocean. Driving past this lake is the closest I get to seeing a large, moving body of water and it feeds my soul more than most things can.

We've had a lot of in house excitement these past few days! We moved a bunch of furniture around to accomodate a "big girl" bed for 'H' and she loves it. We replaced a few "kid toys" in the play area with a table and chairs (a "work table" for the girls, for ongoing projects) and we moved the futon couch out of 'H's room and into the play space. It gives the house a new level of grown-up sophistication. And you know we can use all the sophistication we can get!

The biggest thing, of course, is that she loves her new bed! You never know how the transition is going to go. When we set up the bed for 'A' over two years ago, she opted to be tucked into it but two seconds later (for several weeks in a row), she wanted to be moved back into her crib. 'H' was excited to sleep in her new bed. I kept saying, "you can make your decision when it's time to go to bed, and whatever you decide is fine with us." Would you believe that the girl wanted to leave the dinner table early so that she could be tucked in to her new bed? She's so grown up and she knows it!

Funny how different each child is, isn't it?


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