My dad and Marilyn came to visit us on Tuesday. We sat outside of SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) on Tuesday night with a nice little picnic and listened to the Doobie Brothers play, and planned to stay for the Allman Brothers, but the rain drove us out.

The next day our guests scored sweet front-row, finish line, club house seats at the track. The girls and I made focaccia for dinner (we use the Cooks Illustrated recipe with a grated potato and it's fabulous. If you don't have the magazine, Google the recipe and you'll find it). 'A' was having a very "big girl" day, washing dishes in the sink, helping me cook, and doing all sorts of big girl things, so I sat both of them down with a ball of focaccia dough and had them knead and shape their own for dinner.

When they were done with the edible dough, they spent time making some animals out of play dough.

Later that afternoon, we were off to the farm. I can't think it enough - it's so important to me that my kids see where some of our food comes from. It's so important as they form their perceptions of the world around them to see that food is grown by real people, on real land, for real purposes.

Today before we said good-bye we all went into Saratoga Springs to taste some spring water, ride the merry go round, and have some lunch.

This week my niece is at my mother's house attending summer camp at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Next year 'A' will be old enough to go and I am so excited to sign her up. The campers spend most of their time outside (regardless of the weather) as they observe the salt marsh, tidal flats and turtles, fish and other wildlife, learning to respect and find awe in nature. Older campers have the chance to shadow a researcher, something I find very attractive.

For now, our observation of nature includes finding enormous dead bugs in the yard and mixing them up with our toy bugs, just for fun. Doesn't that look like a cicada to you? Some come every 17 years and some come back every year. I guess this is an annual one. They are quite large and a lot of fun to look at.


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