We made sushi at home this past weekend with Chris and Sue. Jeff and I were more than happy to consume a little fish and shellfish in honor of the occasion! My favorite roll right now is an inside-out cucumber and seaweed salad roll. What did I do before I discovered this combo? YUM!

I think I finally have late blight on my tomatoes, and I say "finally" because I think I'm one of the last to get it, and as I understand, this is the proper time of year for it to surface. I yanked the Brandywine today but am just not ready to throw out the rest until Jeff sees them.

My zucchini and squash plants aren't producing tons of fruit since I sliced them open and removed the borers but they're producing enough to keep us happy, so I'm pleased about that. I'm making Ratatouille (again) tonight for dinner with squash and tomatoes from our garden.

Today we have an apppointment for An Adventure in Parenting at the pediatrician's office. 'H' has been holding her breath more often lately and passing out, and I want to have a talk with our doctor to make sure it's nothing more than breath holding spells. My gut tells me there's nothing more to it, but I would like to be sure. If it is just breath holding, we'll be talking about management of the spells. Meaning, even though she "comes to" very quickly when I promise her a popsicle, perhaps I shouldn't keep up that behavior. I actually stopped promising popsicles a while ago and this new round of fainting is just occurring despite what I might do or not do. I don't know what to do!

Speaking of 'H' and her health and what to do... I do know what to do about her chronic constipation issues and now that I've been doing it, we're sailing along very smoothly! First I omitted all dairy from her diet and after a few months, she was feeling significantly better. Then I noticed that if I didn't load her up with magnesium every single day, she'd have trouble again. Her favorite magnesium-rich foods are prune juice (the girl loves the stuff!) and ground flaxseed, which I usually bake into bread, muffins or cookies. So, the recipe is: No Diary + Lots of Magnesium = No More Constipation, and best of all, no more Miralax! That stuff is poisonous and I cannot believe all the doctors recommend it.

Some things we're looking forward to in the next few weeks:

*A trip to my sister's home in Connecticut, with a chance for all the cousins to play together.

*The 232nd Anniversary of the Battle of Saratoga will be held in September and this is what we are excited to see: 18th century American, British, and German soldiers set the 1777 scene with tents, campfires, musket and cannon firings. Discuss strategy with officers, judge a court-martial, go on a "reconnaissance" party, learn about open-fire cooking techniques, see a dramatic performance of British Colonel Bannistre Tarleton or take part in mock musket drills.

*The Peace & Justice Fair in Saratoga Springs on September 20. The goal of the fair is to show people ways that everyone can have a hand in peacemaking, whether it is through buying fair-trade goods, lobbying the government, or something more.


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