Allergist today for 'A'. Skin testing for her food allergies. Huge reactions to eggs and dairy, borderline huge for peanuts. I'm giving up hope of her ever outgrowing them.

Gorgeous weather today. While I was taking clothes down from the clothesline, I thought about moving the garden beds over a few feet and essentially switching places with the clothesline. Their current location gets great sun in the early summer but as the season is winding down I've had a chance to see that the sun doesn't stretch over my tomatoes and peppers as much as it did before. The clothesline spot is prime sunny real estate. Jeff isn't going to be thrilled about the idea of moving them, especially since he wanted the garden at the clothesline spot in the first place. I'm not either, but I have to do what I have to do, you know?

Rhode Island coastline for the weekend: sunny beach fun, non-stop chatter with family, a chance to run around after my girls in the salty air, and the promise of late-night games with my dad and Marilyn and my sister and her husband. What could be better?


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