I'm savoring these last warm evenings of summer. Tonight we ate outside and for the first time used the placemats I had the girls paint specifically for use with our outdoor table. I bought these very sturdy placemats on clearance (like, what don't I buy on clearance?) for $1.98 each at the beginning of the summer with the intention of painting them and using them outdoors. Summer got away from us and the placemats sat and waited. Last week I took out fabric paints and let them have a ball.

I sometimes think back to the day last winter when Jeff watched the girls and I accompanied my sister Emily on a wedding gown shopping expedition. Jeff was thinking of things to do with 'A' and 'H' and since it was winter, I suggested that they do some painting. He called me after he set them up with paper and paints and said, "Now what?" And I laughed and laughed. If you've ever painted with children, you know that you are ON DUTY the whole time, taking finished works, supplying more paper, more water, more paints, wiping up spills, washing hands... and just when you think everyone is washed up and done, one of them gets the bright idea to start painting again....

I'm *supposed* to be packing tonight for a trip to the Cape to see my mother, but since I never actually do what I'm supposed to do, I'm here with you instead.

I'm looking forward to this trip. Jeff is staying home to paint the living room (A BIG YAY!!! We've lived here over three years and this is one of our last rooms to paint. We're a little too slow and relaxed sometimes. Most people I know paint before they even move in). Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'll be with my mother and Dick in North Eastham. This is Windmill Weekend in Eastham, when the locals all come together to have a parade and celebrate the end of tourist season. I've been there a million times for it and now that I live near Saratoga Springs, a tourist area itself, I'm more than happy to celebrate with the Cape locals. It's not that we don't like the tourists - I am the first to say I love the influx of new people breathing more life into an already vibrant area - it's just that it's nice to get "back to normal." You know, the same way I felt this week going to the library and the playground now that school is in session. We can MOVE!

On Monday we leave the Cape and head to my sister's home to see her bees. Emily keeps them and extracts honey from her hives every year. She's going to show us the bees and the honeycomb and tell us all about them. We'll sleep over (or stay over I should say. 'H' doesn't do much sleeping away from home). On Tuesday we'll bring Emily with us to Old Sturbridge Village to see how people lived in the "olden days." It'll be an olden days trip for me and Emily in our own way - when we were school-age kids, my parents had an annual membership and I swear, we used to go all the time. I hope it'll be good to see the Village with fresh eyes.

Have a great end of the week!


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