When we rejoined our CSA this year, I made a promise to myself to try everything we received. We did, with the exception of the fennel and the cauliflower (it took me so long to be in the mood for both of those vegetables, and by the time I was in the mood, they were past their prime, bigtime). Last week we got celeriac. In the past, we threw it out. Not this year! Tonight I braised it with turnips, onions and sweet potatoes (all from the farm). It wasn't bad. I'm not a fan of celery or the celery flavor, so it's not something I would seek out, but I will use it if it's given to me again. I can see how it would be good in soup.

This morning we picked apples at a local orchard and we decided to try some new varietals. Wow, apples in New York are just heavenly! We tried and loved Shamrock and Ambrosia apples for eating. Shamrocks are so sweet and all around delightful. We also picked some Macouns, Empires and Pinovas. Pinovas you say? They're spicy and tasted just right in the salad we had with lunch after we got home. All in all we have 5 big bags of apples ready to be turned into snacks, applesauce, muffins and assorted desserts. Yum!

This afternoon 'A' took my camera and shot this one (above) of 'H'.

... some family Candyland before dinner...

and just when we were ready to sit down to eat, our doorbell rang. We've been ghosted! Our neighbor left us a bag of treats with a ghost to hang on our door and a note explaining that we have two days to ghost another neighbor. I'm excited! I get to ghost two neighbors. Hmmm... this gives me something to think about (as if I need something else to think about!).


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