easing in

I'm still easing into autumn reluctantly, eyes and senses open to anything that makes this transition more gentle for me this year. Some of the things that help:

* the sun hangs lower in the sky at this time of year and stretches in through the windows to my living room just a little bit farther than it does in the summer. Nice.

* apples are ready and waiting to be picked!

* a ride with a lakeside sunset view on one side and the full harvest moon on the other to a welcoming barn-turned-home to meet with some genuine, gentle, and generous Unitarians.

* apple cider (the sweet kind)

* and, of course, the changing leaves

I've been neglecting the papers on my desk (the mail, the little items that somehow need to get done...) and I've also been neglecting the food in my kitchen. I've got butternut squash puree that's ready for some muffins; lots and lots of salad greens; swiss chard, which I usually turn into veggie burgers but may use for something new this week; another zucchini that wants to become a batch of muffins; and more beets and potatoes than I can handle. And now I've got a half-bushel of apples that want to be made into apple sauce and crisp. Oh, and I can't forget about the ears of corn I got with my CSA share last week.

I sense a roasted root vegetable dinner coming soon.

May all of our troubles every day be as sensible and insignificant as the ones I have today.


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