Winter farm

We spent the afternoon at a "new" farm today. Last week at our farmer's market one of the vendors gave out an invitation to visit their farm today. We forgot all about it until this afternoon, and were wavering on whether or not to go (the farm is an hour away). But when we looked on the website ( we saw that they offer fall and winter CSA shares with pick-up at the farmer's market and we decided to check them out to see if we would want to join for these next two seasons.

I'm so happy we went. For some reason that is yet unknown to me, I get so much satisfaction from meeting the people who grow the food we eat. They do all the work, all the planning and planting, the coaxing and weeding, the picking and packing. Meet Michael:

He's young, and he started the farm a few years ago with his brother. It's not a multi-generational family operation, which surprised us because the farm is doing well and seems to be older than a few years. He uses all organic farming methods and his ways of coaxing the best out of Mother Nature are impressive.

Organic farmers inevitably get around to showing you their soil...

After we saw the veggies and the bee hives, we went to visit the animals. When Jeff and I saw the movable chicken coop, we instantly recognized it as something modeled after Joel Salatin's Eggmobile. It's a way to move the chickens around the field to give them fresh pasture. The cow (singular), goats and sheep are also moved around the same field. Movable fencing keeps them contained.

All in all, it was a great day.


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