Christmas is coming early this year - the girls decided to pile up "presents" under this houseplant and pretend it's a Christmas tree. 'A' even tried to balance her baby on top as the angel.

Setting the scene is only one part of the play. The whole thing involves a rather dramatic performance where one of them pretends to be a parent and the other is the child on Christmas morning, and they act out a gift exchange.

I love watching them make up these games!

Sometimes they decide to decorate themselves, like when they colored their faces with green magic marker. Neither girl would let me photograph her, and I feel as though I stole these photos from 'H'. Did I?

Today we went to the library (the Saratoga Library this time) and the Children's Museum to have a little fun. Back to why I love, love, love having them at home with me and not in preschool this year: (well, there are actually several reasons, but here is one) we can go out at "odd hours" and enjoy the space with fewer children. Fewer children means that my kids actually interact with the other children instead of shutting down and getting lost in the crowd. Today I found out that the Children's Museum seems to clear out just before noon, and after that, it's all ours.

The girls played with puppets at the museum and loved them, which makes me so happy because I want to make 'A' some puppets and a puppet theater for Christmas. I think she'll love it. She is so darn creative! She reminds me a lot of my older sister, which in this instance is a good thing. Sometimes (like when she's bossy), it isn't so great.

Jeff and I have our "food" discussion group tonight and I'll leave you with a paragraph from a reading by Bill McKibben that I just loved. It sums up everything:

"The deepest problem that local food efforts face, however, is that we’ve gotten used to paying so little for food. It may be expensive in terms of how much oil it requires, and how much greenhouse gas it pours into the atmosphere, and how much tax subsidy it receives, and how much damage it does to local communities, and how many migrant workers it maims, and how much sewage it piles up, and how many miles of highway it requires—but boy, when you pull your cart up to the register, it’s pretty cheap.”


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