My sister and her husband had a party over the weekend to celebrate - in part - her 40th birthday. Jeff and I dropped our children off with friends and we spent 24 child-free hours together. The party was a murder mystery set in the Wild West in 1874. 70 people were there! I took a few photos before it all began and then put my camera away so I could have some fun. Here we are - I remade a plain bridesmaid's dress so it had some lace and frills and an enormous bustle. Jeff wore a suit with a puff tie. We got into character and had a lot of fun!

On the way to the party, we stopped at the Wild Hive Farm bakery & cafe. This bakery has partnered with a local wheat farm to produce enough local wheat to supply the bakery with everything it needs and then some. They sell flour to the public, and although at first glance it seems pricey ($3.75 for 1 lb 8 oz), it's not expensive when all of the hidden costs are factored in. The flour is organic, so the environmental and health cost of chemical fertilizer isn't part of the equation, and it's local, so it's not being shipped around the country, which also uses resources. We sampled some of the baked goods and they were very tasty. Don Lewis, who runs the bakery, told us that the types of wheat they use are heirloom varieties and taste different than the 5 major strains used in commercial flour production.

We liked it...

...a lot.

Today we made corn husk dolls with the husks I pressed and dried over the summer. They're pretty durable and I will be interested to see how much the girls play with them.


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