pet rocks

Today we went to the State Park to make some pet rocks. There are two naturalists at the park who lead activities a few times a month and they always do a great job. They're young and are committed to teaching children about nature by being creative. This time, they had the rocks and the felt, scissors, and glue ready for the kids; another time, we explored the tall grass and made bug masks; another time, we explored the stream and the kids were given a bucket of dirty water and a few tools and told to make the water clean. I like the activities because there's not too much adult instruction. The children can pretty much do what they think they should be doing.

Sometimes the activities are described as homeschool activities, and other times they are not, but I am finding that all activities pretty much attract the homeschool crowd. It's nice to be in their company, because there's no talk of things that we aren't involved in, like going to school, but there is talk about creativity and learning. A bonus is that the other kids are all so nice.

And let's face it. Jeff and I are only getting less and less mainstream as time goes on, so it's nice to spend some time around other people who aren't exactly mainstream either.

Speaking of mainstream, Erma decided to act like a regular cat today by chasing one of the turkey rocks around the living room. Go Erma! You can get it!

No gymnastics class this week because of Thanksgiving, but I'm sure the girls will have an informal class on Thursday anyway, given by their cousin Nanette. Nanette is an amazing gymnast and hopefully she'll take some time to show the girls some moves and wow us all!

Have a great day. If I can get dinner started soon, I may have time to get outside and iron down some plastic bags before the sun sets. See this tutorial for info about how to do it yourself and if you do try it, do it outside, where there is a lot of natural ventilation!


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