Thanksgiving with Family

Thanksgiving at my sister's home. I have two sisters, and they couldn't be more different. I love them both. I used to think they were at opposite ends of the spectrum and I was somewhere in between both of them, but as I get older, I see that I'm sometimes looking at both of them standing at the same end and I'm all the way over... here. Maybe we're in a triangle, not a line. How's that for an explanation of the geometry of sibling-hood?

Our annual Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt was a lot of fun this year. The older kids did a great job of "helping" the younger ones to find the hidden clues. All of the kids got a small prize at the end of the hunt.

Have I said it today? I just love my kids! Look at them, holding each other while they listen intently for the next clue. They love each other. So, so much.

Sometimes things are calm and quiet...

...but usually when Aunt Jennifer is around, she can be found hugging, kissing, squishing or tickling one of my children, as she is here. And the sight of her kids hopping up high isn't too unusual.

We got home this afternoon and bid farwell to Jeff, who is at a Phish concert. The girls and I made cupcakes to round out our Thanksiving holiday feast. Mmmmmm!

Edited to add:

Seeing my sisters and my mother made me think about my relationships with them and our upbringing. My parents never defined their parenting style, and probably never thought too much about it, but if I had to put a name to some of it, I would call it "unparenting." They believed that if they gave us love and support and freedom, we would eventually discover our talents and strengths. I'm still learning about their approach, even in adulthood. At the Thanksgiving table I talked about how I've become much more "in the moment" since I've had children, more trusting of my instincts and my gut feelings. My mother calls this a "feeling" personality type, and the opposite would be a "thinking" type. Some people are combinations of both, and some lean more to one than the other. It's essentially the difference between making decisions with your head or your heart/gut. For a long time I thought I was a thinker, and my younger sister thought so too. But I'm not that way anymore. At the table we talked about things that are important to me - things I now do or think about because my heart tells me it's the right thing to do. Food supply, the environment, education... I have big questions and big doubts about the way those topics are approached. Even though I try to live by my convictions, it's easy to doubt myself when my questions and my answers aren't all that popular or easy. If I could ignore my instincts and just go with the flow, life might be easier for me.

But then I heard my mother tell me that she always knew I was a "feeler" and not a "thinker," since the moment I was born. She's always known, and has waited to see me get to this point, where I know too. She's not surprised that I'm asking some big questions. She's not surprised that I want to live life based on my convictions, no matter how crazy I might seem. And suddenly it seems easier to be on this path, knowing that someone who knows me so well is happy to finally see me here.


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