Today we went to the Hyde Collection to see some art and to take part in the weekly Art Tours for Tots group. It was our first time going to the art group and my first time back at the museum in at least two years, more likely three. Wow, it was good to be back! I forgot how much I need to be around art and creative, intelligent, artsy people. I'm not a whole person if that component is missing.

The group was perfect for 'A' and 'H'. They saw some art in the museum, then went to the studio to create a piece - this week they made an abstract drawing using construction paper and construction paper crayons (very cool stuff!) and then made it into a book. After they were done, they played for a bit with the dress up costumes and spent a little time drawing on the wall pads. I love the wall pads! The "easels" are actually part of a mural that is painted on the wall.

The woman who leads the group is great - she's young and artsy and you can tell she enjoys introducing children to all that art has to offer. She keeps track of how often the children participate in the programs and if they come at least once a month, they get an art box with some tools for creating things at home, and every month after, they get another item for their box.

It was like I had been injected with a "feel-good" drug while I was there. It was all so right.

I opted to buy the membership, which is also good at a number of local museums, so now we have another enjoyable way to spend our time. What a wonderful way to usher in the winter season!


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