Gearing up for Christmas over here. We're hosting this year, so we're in the midst of a crafting and baking and cleaning extravaganza. I wish I could share with you some of the things I've been making, and some of the things the girls have been making, but I can't until the holidays are over and the lucky recipients of our gifts have a chance to see them first.

That said, I have been busy, busy, busy at my sewing machine, at my ironing board, and sitting on the couch with a needle and spool of thread. Today the girls and I have been busy making pumpkin bread, cookies, and whole wheat bread, and after a trip outside to see the new snow, we're back in to watch a chunk of ice melt in a bowl and to move onto the rest of the task list, which today includes washing the kitchen floor, doing laundry, and painting a few more gifts. We've got beds to make, towels to fold, breakfast cakes to make, dessert pies to finish, salad greens to wash and hummus to make. And right now, 'A' is asking for help making a shark out of wikistix, so I must go and work on this important art project!

Trying to keep it all as simple and low-key as possible, as family-oriented as I can, as "unconsumerized" as the world will let me, as exciting as it needs to be for my girls without it becoming too much of an unrealistic, unattainable fantasy, and most of all, remembering that it is all about love, renewal, trust in Mother Nature, about finding the newness and rebirth within ourselves and each other, and respect for the light and darkness of not only each day but of the seasons of our lives. At least for my family, that is what this time of year means.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice.


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